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Desktopia is a library that helps you to easily build Windows desktop games and experiences in Unity.

Made by Constantin Liétard



Used to modify the properties of any window.

  • Transparent window
  • Click through window
  • Top most window
  • Minimize / Maximize window
  • Focus window
  • Set window position
  • Set window size
  • Set window title
  • Send text to the window
  • Send key input to the window


Used to listen to system-wide inputs.

  • Get key down / pressed / up
  • Get mouse button down / pressed / up
  • Add on key down / up callback
  • Add on mouse button down / up callback
  • Add on mouse move callback


Used to modify the position of the cursor.


Used to have screen space collision between objects and the opened windows.

File Drag and Drop

Used to add callbacks that get invoked when a user drops a file into the window.

If your transparent window does not work:
Got to to Project Settings > Resolution and Presentation
Uncheck "Use DXGI Flip Model Swapchain for D3D11"

Be aware that enabling window modifiers while testing in the editor will result into weird behaviours and it is recommended to try those in a build.

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Desktopia 0.1.1 141 kB
Desktopia 0.1 144 kB