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add friction to the movement of the ball to reduce its speed when your not touching the keyboard or the controller. Also the camera makes it difficult to see sometimes, you should do it in VR it would be lovely <3

Loved it otherwise, beau travail les gars


I really like the idea behind all this, but there's too little added to make up for what missing. The art is gorgeous and the movement is interesting, but when it comes to moving through small and precise areas with a one hit kill, it feels a lot more based on luck than anything. I think a lot of it has to do with how cluttered the screen can get and how much movement there is at any one time. It all has some serious potential, but as it is it just feels like there's too much luck involved.

This is visually stunning entry.  The pyramid boss stage game me ulcers. but It was fun to have made it to that stage in the first place. Awesome work. This looks like a game that can really stand out in the market place.