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Cool game, got stuck on a level where I boxed myself in. Maybe add a level reset button?

Cool game! I got a little bored with the repetition of the same mechanism as a puzzle, but I enjoyed the very interesting concept.

Very cool concept!

this reminds me of roblox tower of heck but side to side

such a good game idea, whoever thought of this is genius ! 5star

This honestly reminds me of Superliminal.

When I try to get off the ground, I end up resetting on the first click (if I'm lucky, on the second click.) this is so infuriating that I had "rage quit". I don't know if there is a way to make collision with the two worlds better, but this is a great game and a cool idea.

yo really interesting concept here!! it was super fun to see how much variety ended up in the mix just by adding simple puzzle components, and the first stages to introduce the recursion feature honestly shocked me lmao. i did encounter some persistent collision issues and a few cases where it felt like i had completed stages through an unintended loophole (namely like, teetering on the edges of neighboring platforms between two dimensions to get around needing to find another way to the second one) but that didn't effect my experience much at all. A+ jam entry in my book!

Extremely good, but is there a way to save ? I've been to level 27 but I had to start over and it is a bit tedious. Very cool Game anyways !

Incredible job, this is a great idea for a game, I would like to offer up some fixes though, as some parts of the game seemed confusing or frustrating. There's this common problem where the yellow moving boxes can get pushed inside of an object. I think it would be good to check if this could happen in your physics loop the frame before and if so, maybe freeze the movement of the room? I'm sure that's a hard thing to pull off so I want to offer up a smaller idea for another issue I had. There are levels where you have to activate a pressure plate, which causes a hidden yellow thing to appear. This is a great mechanic, although I tend to not know where the thing is beforehand and on multiple occasions a was crushed inside of it and had to redo the level. I don't see why they must be completely invisible before they activate. Is it possible you could add a yellow dotted outline to indicate that it is in fact there so that I know not to stand there while activating the pressure plate? Thank you very much if you read this devs and if the game is still being worked on I hope you at the very least consider these, I 100% understand if you dont implement these.



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Had a bit of trouble understanding how everything worked at first, but once I did everything was great. Pretty neat idea, and some of the puzzles definitely stumped me! Props to the developer!

Oh my goshers this is SO CUTE and a fun take on puzzle games! Great job taking the GGJ theme and using it to make a game I love.

what i need to do with pink screen?


whats the controllers? its getting pretty hard to figure it out

Left-Mouse Click to advance puzzle mechanic forward.
Right-Mouse Click to make puzzle mechanic go backwards.
When puzzle mechanic is NOT in dual mode, you can choose which wall/floor/ceiling you want to advance from.



An enjoyable challenge. Great concept!



I wish there were more games like this that are doing something interesting and new. To many games worship the fetish of good graphics/artwork, but are a barren wasteland in terms of game mechanics.

Ray marching used right! this is pretty neat! would love to see more

I loved this! Really innovative concept and mechanics, and once I got the hang of how things worked I was mesmerized. Great imagination and use of simple things to create complex enjoyable experiences. Thank you so much! :)

good concept


This is actually really cool. All the best puzzle games have simple concepts and varied, well-thought executions like this. My only real complaint is that apparently it doesn't save your progress. I'm gonna have to play the first 23 levels again if I want to see the rest.

it was honestly a very fun and kinda challenging game, I've had fun playing it and would recommend it to others as well cuz if you're bored then this game asap.

Hii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The concept of the game and the puzzle design is pretty original.

-The gameplay mechanics are quite easy to get into and have a lot of potential and that gets reflected in the level design.

-Visually the game looks nice and clean, quite good ^^

-Some minor clipping issues could be fixed, but in general the game it's quite polished.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)



Really fun game. 


Made a video

GAME İS VERY GOOD but it haves so much bugs


* has


your mom


I love this, the introduction of each mechanic and the visual style are great! It was a joy to play through. The biggest issue for me is the lack of a save feature, I quit the game on level 38 and had no way of returning to that level.

please make it playable for 32 bits

I've added a 32bit build

Great Idea

Cool,Challenging but enjoyable


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Great concept a bit more polish and levels and this can qualify as a full release

Really awesome game! I love the concept here and I found a lot of the puzzles to be challenging actually! 

I usually don't play a lot of puzzle games cause I suck at them (lol), but this one has a nice balance and the new features kept things engaging throughout the experience!

this was really cool! took me a while to figure out that the overlapping reality extends from the wall you're looking at, hah! 

I thought it was gonna be much more brain melt(not enjoyable) than it was, it was challenging but not annoying. good stuff! 

Doesn't work with M1 Mac - "Can't open this app"

Weird, I've added a build that's M1 only, please tell me if that works

Unfortunately, same error. There is no debug info in this error message, so can't really give you anything else

It looks like it could be a problem related to zip overwriting the permissions, I used tar instead for the mac build, let me know if that worked

yes, that did the trick, thanks! cool game :)


Great Game! the puzzles were just challenging enough!

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