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Personnal Game Jam

Sent outside by the Colony, the Explorers, promised to a certain death are tasked to retrieve the Green Crystals from which is extracted the energy powering the Colony.

In Scaphandre, the goal of every game is to collect a maximum of resource for the Colony.
The Explorer dies if its Food Container (which empties a little more at each step) or is Oxygen Container (which empties continuously) reaches 0.
Every time the Explorer collects a Green Crystal, it is sent via the Pipe directly to the Colony. Once it reaches it, oxygen is sent back in exchange.
The Explorers can also use the many Food Boxes left outside by the Colony.
Once the Explorer dies, the Player is sent back to the Colony, a new Explorer is generated and the Player can spend the resources collected in the previous games in exchange of permanent upgrades.

Controls :
* Tap around the Explorer to make him move, climb or jump down (Climbing cost more but give you a bigger view distance).
* When next to a Food Box or a Green Crystal, tap in its direction to collect it.
* Tap on the Explorer to ask the Colony for a pull back, so that you do not get stuck somewhere bad (It has a big Oxygen cost in the other hand).

Made by :
* Constantin Liétard - Programming / Shaders / UI / Sound - 40h
* Clara Coolen - Rigging / Animation - 17h
* Tanguy Gringoire - Environment / Upgrade icons - 7h
* Thomas Denis - Characters / VFX - 6h


Scaphandre Android 30 MB
Scaphandre Windows 19 MB

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