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This game is surreal. My personal take is that I am a keeper of some sort with a duty to take care of this 'thing'. Following the image above and moving the cube around gave me an idea of what I had to do, but I wasn't sure what I could do when it got upset with me. I initially thought it was because I clicked it the timer too much but sometimes I was running out of time and had little choice. I was able to make it to the room with the box a few times, but never quite to it. I also liked the little quirks it has (like the breathing sound if you tab out), but Using task manager to exit the game did ruin the immersion a little as sometimes I had to restart a level if I was stuck in the dark. regardless, This was a unique game with a creative concept, looking forward to your future content (:

I am not sure what is the purpose of this game to be honest, but i was quite intrigued in this, in adition not being able to leave game and game being upset with me for leaving found interesting 

Thank you it was interesting experience 

I really like the style and the atmosphere, but I am a bit confused on the controls and what I'm supposed to do. A small guide may help.

I was pretty confused and found it fairly jarring. I wasnt a fan, but It also might just not be might type of Game.