A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Mini Jam 108 - Seaside

Help your uncle and Serene Island's residents to clean the mess left by the huge storm that hit them last night!

Grab all the garbage scattered around the island and throw them in the right recycling center to earn money.
Some objects might require to be quite strong to lift them, maybe you could buy something to help you with all that money?

[W/A/S/D] to move around

[Space] to jump

[K/L] to rotate the camera

[U] to talk to people...

... or grab (when on top) and throw (moving gives the direction) objects!

Throw trash into the proper Recycling Center to earn money!

Made by Constantin Liétard


Linux 42 MB
macOS 51 MB
Windows 42 MB


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What to do with the money?

Can you give us a map to know where the bins and centers are?