A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Global Game Jam 2020 - Repair

Breached is a tower defense game where you play as a peaceful maintenance robot, trying to save its colony from an alien invasion by repairing and upgrading his last defenses. 

Use your heal gun to maintain your towers or boost them when they're fully repaired.

Get upgrades through the crystals you find in the environment, you either choose if you want to make you or the towers stronger.


WASD - Move
Left Click - Pew pew

Made by Constantin LiétardThomas DenisTanguy Gringoire and Clara Coolen


Breached Windows 30 MB
Breached Linux 36 MB


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I really loved it! The graphics were beautiful, the design was unique, and the sound and music was amazing. However, I would add two things: 1) a tutorial at the beginning. I spent 3 minutes trying to shoot the spiders before i realized my shots are for healing the towers. 2) some kind of HUD showing the health of all towers, so you could know where to go to heal low ones. Still, even without those things this game is extremely fun to play! great job! :)


evable multiplayer - coop ?

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Thought it was brilliant, interesting twist on a tower defence, the art style is superb, music is fabulous, its a very accomplished game. I made a video of it, i hope you don't mind!

Looks really good