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Global Game Jam 2019 - What home means to you

Commuting is a racing game in which you roll your way back home after countless hours of stressful work.

From 1 to 4 players

Mouse controls :
Left Click : Charge dash / Release dash
Mouse movement : Aim dash direction
Space : Start race
Escape : Back to menu
(In character selection) Left / Right / Up / Down : Change character
(In character selection) Left Click : Join game
(In character selection) Right Click : Quit game

Joystick controls :
A : Charge dash / Release dash
Stick : Aim dash direction
Start : Start race
Back : Back to menu
(In character selection) Stick : Change character
(In character selection) A : Join game
(In character selection) B: Quit game

You can change the player name for the online scoreboard in Commuting_Data/player.txt

Made by Constantin Liétard, Clara Coolen and Thomas Denis


Commuting 47 MB


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NOicE gAmE

This game is SUPER fun! I enjoyed playing it, and making a fun little video for it!

haha this game is good