A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Houdini Jam 22 - Against All Odds

In Dice Garden, explore mysterious floating islands inhabited by strange dice-like slime creatures!
Use their powers to activate the obelisks and discover their world!

Rolling two plant symbol creates a bunch of flowers.
Each slime species has its own power!

Two slimes rolling a heart symbol will mate, spawning new D4's!

Merging the slimes together can create unique new creatures!

Turn on the Scanner to get more information about the world!


Left Click
Grab / Throw left hand
Right Click
Grab / Throw right hand
FScanner HUD

Made by Constantin Liétard & Thomas Denis

Check out the Houdini breakdown here!


Windows 49 MB
Linux 50 MB
macOS 58 MB
Houdini files and screenshots 5 MB


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Great game, however I can't progress because the d20s keep falling off the island. The respawn mechanic seems broken in that the dice retain their falling velocity when respawning, and so bounce off the island, picking up more speed, respawn, bounce, fall, speed, etc until i can hardly see these flashes of flying slime everywhere. Im sure it's a simple fix but until then i can't really play the game.

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This is really cute and fun! I could listen to them go "wheee!" every time I throw them all day! Is there anything else to do once you get to the Almighty D or is that pretty much the end of the game?

Thanks! Yes that's basically the end!