A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Meet Enoki, an adorable tentacle creature that just wants to discover the world and make friends!

"Sick moves!" - Everyone

This prototype solely focuses on the movements and animations of Enoki and does not reflect the gameplay of the final game.

Have fun and stay safe!

MoveWASD - ZQSDLeft Stick
SprintLeft ShiftGamepad button 0 (A)
ResetRGamepad button 7 (Start)
QuitEscape Gamepad button 6 (Select)

Feel free to join our Discord server to give us feedback and talk about Enoki for hours!

Requires a shader model 4.5 compatible GPU
 (everything 2012 and onward shoud work)


Enoki v0.001 Windows 20 MB
Enoki v0.001 Linux 29 MB
Enoki v0.001 OSX 25 MB


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I can only see the eyes, it does not work on my computer u.u


Cool i like it

After doing some research, it appears you need to follow these commands on mac: open terminal, cd to downloads folder (or wherever the app is) and paste: 

chmod +x Enoki_v0.001_OSX.app/Contents/MacOS/Enoki

Maybe add this to the readme for the uninitiated like me?

Enoki, this looks SO cool, but I can't actually open the file on OSX :/ Also, it seems the Discord invite link has expired? Couldn't join on Discord either.

Man that's so cool! really nice work


That thing looks cool as heck!

I'm very curious to see what it will become :3
Keep us updated here as well ^^

cool experiment, i see a "reverse-horror" game being born out of this.


have you heard about "carrion"? it's just that, but more gore and coming out quite soon

yeah haha, that's what i had in mind