A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Enoki loves going to the arcade, playing with their friends and long walks in the forest!
In this super short sneak peek, discover one of the environment you will be able explore in the full game.

This demo focuses on the mood and art style of the game is not intended to reflect the gameplay of the game.

Take a look at my Twitter to see more of Enoki!
You can also join the mailing list to be informed when the game will be out!

This small demo was made for Disc Room Jam using mostly preexisting assets and was more an excuse to release a demo than an actual entry.
The dog animations were made by Clara.

Left Stick
Right Stick
SprintLeft ShiftGamepad button 1 (B)
Throw frisbeeLeft ClickGamepad button 0 (A)
QuitEscape Gamepad button 6 (Select)


Windows 739 MB
Linux 744 MB
Mac OS 732 MB


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in my opinion the enviroment does not fit well with enoki really not like the original prototype damn wish i still had that but this is fine for now

the game looks really cool! im not a fan of the terrain though, i'm more into low poly stuff.

The mood and art are fine. It runs a little slow on my older machine.