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mmm goobly gob go weeeeeee

squiggly spaghetti man!

This was a really interesting movement prototype - it was cool to get to fiddle around with it. Thanks for sharing!

He is so scary and so cute at the same time! :D

He would be a perfect character for a video game, and I think you guys over at TUC should make a game around him. 

any news on the full game?


Or idk how to play :C

i cant play :C


i play on chromebook can you please make it where i could also play it and if theres any way i can how could i

Go get a computer thats not a potato.


Hi! the game seems to be pretty cool but when i download it for windows and i try to open it a error message appear and the file dissapear automaticly that's pretty stange help please ;-;

Really cool movement and joint placement system. the only thing that i find a little bit lacking is the fact that you can the collision of the enoki is moving place to place (it may not be noticeable in the context of your game) specially when moving to top of an object. other wise really amazing work. 


I just wanted to say, this game (or I guess movement prototype, it's not really a game) is one of the coolest things I've seen on ever, I've been working with Unity for about a year now, and even with that, I would have absolutely no idea how to make something as talented as this, if you got some level designers on board and maybe made Enoki seem more friendly (which you could do with story and maybe small changes like making the eyes happy or something like that, like you did with the page here) you could turn this into a really amazing game, and I do have to say, I spent a long time messing around with Enoki's movement, and that's with no incentive whatsoever for me to be playing, so basically, what you have here is really good material for making a commercially successful game, amazing work!


I can't decide whether Enoki is creepy or cute.

"Very well designed but evil, so so evil." - my friend.
I liked Enoki and it felt great controlling them, just so much fun walking around, climbing, kicking objects, just loved it! can't wait to see more. I also loved them, they are so cute!


It's fun being Enoki.


he's a very good boy

Very good demo

I loved how this played! It was so smooth and fun to mess around with. I'd be really excited to play a game with Enoki in it. I made a little gameplay/review video here and put some funky electronic music in the background :)


I can only see the eyes, it does not work on my computer u.u


same ;w;

such a shame, this looked pretty cool too 

potato computer gang, rise up

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Cool i like it

After doing some research, it appears you need to follow these commands on mac: open terminal, cd to downloads folder (or wherever the app is) and paste: 

chmod +x

Maybe add this to the readme for the uninitiated like me?

Enoki, this looks SO cool, but I can't actually open the file on OSX :/ Also, it seems the Discord invite link has expired? Couldn't join on Discord either.

Man that's so cool! really nice work


That thing looks cool as heck!

I'm very curious to see what it will become :3
Keep us updated here as well ^^

cool experiment, i see a "reverse-horror" game being born out of this.

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yeah haha, that's what i had in mind