A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Stay Safe! Jam - Solidarity

Grove Groove is an organic, locally grown, GMO-free, plant based loop machine sandbox where plants come together to drop their hottest mixtape.  🔥

Connect the MC plants to the DJ to start their sick beats!

Connect the Effects plants to the MCs for the show to get real!

Warning: This game contains flashing lights.

Controls :
Left click on a plant to move it
Right click on a plant and release on an other to connect/disconnect them

Made by Constantin LiétardThomas Denis, and Tanguy Gringoire



Grove Groove Windows 258 MB
Grove Groove Linux 263 MB
Grove Groove OSX 260 MB


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It is quite a nice game but I'm not sure if I am the only one which whose stuff doesn't sound that nice because sometimes when I load up the game it kinda sounds glitchy still nice game

Amazing that you managed to make this in just a weekend! Found myself jamming along on my synth in no time^^

he made this in a weekend, cool !! :O