A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Kenney Jam 2020 - Cursed

I was cursed is an exploration experience in which you learn to take your time and enjoy looking around you.

Controls : 
WASD: Move
Mouse: Look
Escape: Quit

Made by Constantin Liétard


Windows 33 MB
Linux 37 MB
Mac 33 MB


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This looks soooo coool! It's like a painting. I wish there was more

This is absolutely tremendous... I glad I've found this.

Very nice idea and look. I do think it goes a bit too far in the sense of needing to move too slowly. It takes away from the slow peaceful idea. 


Do I hold the speedrun world record? I got every beacon in 10 minutes and 21 seconds.

I enjoyed the game, but my main gripe is that I can't move as fast as I want after I get the last beacon. I like walking simulators, and the lesson taught is a good one, but once the player has proved themselves capable of slowing down, can you give them back the freedom to speed up?

You can watch my first impressions, with the speedrun in the last 10 minutes, here.