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GMTK Jam 2019 - Only one

Lazarus is a survival game in which you try to protect your dead body as a severed arm, the only part of it that seems to be somehow left alive.

They may have killed you but you will never let them eat your remains !

Controls :
Mouse : Swing your sword
Mouse + Left Click : Crawl

Made by Constantin Liétard and Thomas Denis


Lazarus Linux 47 MB
Lazarus Windows 43 MB


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Very beautiful game and a really cool premise, but the gameplay is wonky and repetitive. In order to prevent the player from simply staying in the center where all the enemies gather the body blocks your sword and movement, but the boundaries are vague and enemies move way too fast. If instead there would be a large circle around your body where you cannot move but can swing your sword, and enemies would move away slowly after taking a piece from the body, it would perhaps be a lot more engaging.
It's amazing that this was made in just two days, but it is not fun to play.


Nice graphics and cool concept... so sorry to say the controls suck.

Really have to agree, so janky and hard to get the arm to steer or move where you want it to