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Ludum Dare 43 - Sacrifices must be made

Mayan Headache is a puzzle game in which you behead fellow Mayans in order to get the favors of your gods.

Align at least 3 heads of the same color in order to clear them.
The guillotine falls on a regular basis but can be forced to fall in order to gain time as the game speeds up over time.
This can be countered by slowing time down for a while in exchange of score points.

Controls :
Left - Right / A - D : Move your swap cursor
Space : Swap characters / Validate menu option
Shift : Force guillotine to fall
Left Control : Slow time (while it is pressed)
Up-Down : Navigate menu options
Escape : Return to main menu

OSX & Linux builds are untested

Made by Clara Coolen , Thomas Denis and Constantin Liétard.
Music : Xavier Quijas Yxayotl - Mayan Ancestral Music


Mayan Headache Windows 20 MB
Mayan Headache Linux 24 MB
Mayan Headache OSX 24 MB

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