A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux





Place rope
Left Click
Cancel current rope
Right Click while placing a rope
Reset ropes
Right Click
Interact with shop
Left Click

Made for Secret Santa Jam by Constantin Liétard


Windows 41 MB
Linux 44 MB
macOS 42 MB


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This looks and sounds beautiful, and I had a great time figuring out how to beat it. I have to say, for a game that took me more than 2 hours to complete, it's strange that it doesn't have any save feature, and even stranger that ESC quits the game without warning. Regardless, after getting used to that I pushed through and after a 1h 30m session I think I found everything.

Getting into SPOILER territory, I do wonder what that 2nd blue orb was for, since I spent a long while trying to get it to the container and when I succeeded I don't think it did anything. Finally "meeting the Bird" was a blast, and though their English wasn't perfect and their subtitles were hard to read while picking up diamonds, they were adorable and I'm very glad to have stuck with the game until I got there. After spending so much of my first session not knowing how to get anywhere, that last upgrade was loads of fun.

Cool visuals and idea.

Amazing game, I loved the visuals and couldn't stop playing :)

I really love this! Can't seem to figure out how to find more than 4 diamonds though...

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Ok i figured it all out and got to the end! The 5th diamond i needed to push the ball on the ground into the tub. The ball physics are... very tricky! After that the game made a fair bit of sense tho. Very merciful for the second ball to not be mandatory lol! Unless i did a sequence break somewhere. Anyway I ended with 339 diamonds because of that haha. Great and puzzling game, I loved the visuals and the whole experience despite how tricky it can be :)

This looks absolutely gorgeous!
As such, it pains me to say that it is also hardly playable. Placing and moving over the rope is finicky, and the grass, while cool, is constantly in your face and also misleading you when judging heights.
After playing for an hour I was only able to get two diamonds, and after exploring as much as I could I have no idea how to get enough for the next upgrade.
I think that you need to put the blue balls in the white containers, but so far I've been unable to do so.
I would love to play a version of this game that addresses these issues, and as the art shows you are clearly skilled, I will definitely check out the other games by you guys.


wowwww looks cool

Actually all your stuff looks really high quality.