A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Ludum Dare 44 - Your life is currency

Seaway is an adventure game in which you explore islands and destroy ships in order to become the richest slave master in the world.

Gather the many slaves lost in the islands and trade them for power ups in harbors to have an easier time destroying your rivals and looting their crew !
But beware that losing all your slaves could end in a ship wreck ...

Enter the peaceful mode and enjoy a nonviolent world, you can even use the auto pilot and let your ship venture by itself ...

Beware of the uprising !

Controls :
Left Click : Set target position
Right Click : Fire
Scroll wheel : Change current weapon
Space : Screenshot (No browser support)
P : Toggle peaceful mode
A : Toggle auto pilot
Escape : Exit

Made by Constantin Liétard , Thomas Denis, Louis Valet and Maxime Catel.

Music: https://www.purple-planet.com


Seaway Windows 50 MB
Seaway Linux 54 MB
Seaway OSX 68 MB


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hell yes!!!


this makes me sick. black struggles aren't some fun little game. this is so disgusting and so dehumanizing. what is wrong with you people.

Wow, assuming that slaves are always blacks that's extremely racist of you to assume that blacks are inferior and slaves.

ermmm kys dont care you suck and the game is gross and insensitive and i never said nor implied any of the things u said


Very cool


Ah, I'm a bit sad the website doesn't work to play in browser. But I'll download instead.


Can I save the game?


Really cool game. Congratulations. The controls are really frustrating with the inertia of the boat and I still don't understand how to precisely aim but great experience.


How the hell did you generate those plateaus?



Thank you for exploring this idea. Why slaves? 

Deleted post
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Lets contemplate the worth of human life as we enslave and sell our fellow man for personal gain...

This being the first slave ship simulator I don't really have a frame of reference to review this Itch Dot Io Indie. What I can say is that beneath this beautifully crafted and visually stunning experience is a dark undercurrent of grey morality and questionable choices. If you stop for a second and consider your actions then your brain may break.

But if you sit back, yo ho your way through exciting ship battles and turn your brain off during the quiet exploration you won't have to think about the fate of the poor forsaken souls you're selling for ship upgrades... 

On the bright side there's rainbow islands 🌈



nice job love the concept