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this is goooood! 

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Love it, keep it up!



The game is awesome! 💫😁

I really liked the overall chill vibe you get when you're just walking around a grass field while looking at slimes playing with each other. The music to top it off was the cherry of the pie. That was a very nice experience! 👌

Feedback (to go even further beyond!!!):

As a "just watch the world without interacting with it" experience, I feel like the game could be even better with way more variety. More things to look at. More events going on. As of now, when you play, you only see 4 main things: slimes, grass, trees and the structure for new generation.

If there could be more variety inside that world, it would be more interesting to look at for longer. 👍

Last word:

Great job guys! I salute your work! 👏😁


I'm on mac. The cpu version is the only one that works for me, but only one slime appears and theres no grass or foliage ):


Tried both CPU only and normal, (windows) but both can't be launched.


I'm gonna cite this in my bachelor's degree project


I loved it


I've had this game on my desktop for a while now, I usually open it when I'm bored and it always makes my day. Thanks for making such a cool game.


I'm guessing this is heavily inspired by slime rancher.


i agree


i allso agree


i agree alsso


i agree alsso

im late but i allsso agree

Hey, tried the linux version. Super laggy! Tried CPU only and the GPU one i assume. Also trees keep teleporting. Wasn't sure if that was intentional? :) Looks awesome from screenshots!

Really relaxing game, love the low res art style.

As the person below said, controls aren't too good, taking a picture could better fit the E button, since it can be really easy to try to jump with it by instinct, and the buttons bound to 1, 2 and 3 could better fit z, x and c since those are easier to reach (I don't know the other keyboard type you're supporting, so I can't really say how it works).

Similarly to the Space button key binding, the escape key, at least for me, is the menu/pause go to button so I pressed it a few times trying to exit the game, so it might be good to bind it else were close to the wasd (or zqsd for the keyboard that type), and maybe add the ability to exit using the escape key, again it might be more of a peeve of mine, but it's a bit annoying to force close a game.

Another thing I'd like to point out is that the function that checks to see what the picture is focused on can be a bit off at times and also is a bit too aggressive on suggesting that trees are in the picture if slimes are not, even looking directly down will give a tree focused title if you are close enough inland.

Last thing is although it is about taking pictures a jump and some ability to interact with the slimes, maybe a pet action that just makes them stay still and smile for a short bit of time.

I did notice a bit of buggy behaviour when you stand on a slime and it jumps with the screen shaking a lot.

The game really cool looking though, and I hope this feedback helps.


The controls are just terrible.. Please don't make a game if you cannot make the controls normal


While it's good to point out bad controls, a game with bad controls is still better than no game at all.


Very, very cute game! 
slimes are beautiful!
I very like it! Please, make updates!

The regular version couldnt be launched at all, and the CPU version launched but i kept on moving backwards for some odd reason (this is for mac osx) and the mouse isnt bound t o the window but the concept and some of art i saw was really cool! 

This needs some way of moving slimes, like hitting or pushing.


mouse isn't locked to window, so I can't look around all the way.

Debian Sid

Hungs up on lubuntu bionic + firejail. Non-CPU version is more stable, the hunging appeared when I steped in the portal or something. With CPU-only version system hungs up after few seconds of playing.

I've downloaded both CPU only and normal windows versions of your game. unfortunately neither change my problem. After both logos appear I'm left with a blank screen and can hear the slimes and music but cannot see anything. What do I do?

That happened to me too.
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I have an idea. Make this VR, and you have to take care of each slime, finding fruit and going around. The more you feed a slime, the bigger it gets. you can also breed slimes, getting a random mix of both slimes traits onto a new slime. You can play with a slime if it likes you, doing things like playing fetch and riding the slimes. Just a suggestion. You can continue the game however you want. Or of course, you could just end it off with a nice and relaxing 8-bit photography simulation game. :)

I really enjoy this game. Got some good pictures that would make good desktop backdrops. Also think it would be cool to give slimes different expressions.


As I always say, there are far too few photography simulation games! All the more I was pleased about your contribution, which also knows how to shine (and slime) with a fantastic look! :) I enjoyed taking a little walk in this special garden and taking some snapshots, so I recommended your game along with two other ones in a compilation article about the PROCJAM. <3 Of course anyone interested can also see a minute of gameplay in the accompanying video. :) Keep it up, you're doing some really nice work here!

Best wishes,


Thanks a lot !

Is something wrong with my computer? the game won't launch, just as if it requires a newer opengl version, (i have opengl 2.1,) where it launches for a split second before closing..

Try installing the latest version of OpenGL your computer supports.

I have looked into it, which it seems that this is the only version it supports, which sucks, i bought two games over steam at a point only for them to require 3.x, and i dont have the new computer yet, so... :C

Hi, I'm  not sure if I don't understand the gameplay or what, but on Linux the x86_64 build loads, but I have no control, and on the x86 version I have control, but it feels too "random".  Is there some place that some settings can be found?  I like the looks of the game from the screen shots, but I can't play it because anything I do jumps to a sudden frame change, and this won't work for me (it could be designed that way).  

You could try deactivating the grass by pressing Escape, this is maybe what causes those frame changes.


On the OSX version I just seem to be stuck in a pink void where there's a pearly bubble above me and the borderline logo off in the distance. I'm on a 2017 iMac with an R580 running the latest version of macOS, build downloaded just a few minutes ago. Also it complains about being a 32-bit app at startup.


Can you try the new "CPU Only" version ? It simply moves the terrain generation (which looks like being the problem here) from the gpu to the cpu.


Hmm, well, terrain appears, but it changes every frame, and it runs at about 1FPS.


That's very weird since it shares the same code base as the Windows build which definitely works.
I've uploaded a new OSX build with slight modifications but if this doesn't work I sadly can't really do much more.


That seems to have fixed it! Thanks so much.

Deleted 172 days ago

Please describe your issue better, what's your platform ?

(Windows) You downloaded a .zip file, simply right click it in the folder and click 'extract'. Open the extracted folder and there should be a .exe file.

1.i smell a little of slime rancher maybe?

Hahahahahha! Yeah,  is a  Slime Rancher!! :D

If you made this in unity a VR version would be aaaaaaaaaaaaaweesome. (please leave the pixelation filter in if you do because pixelated games in VR are so awesome) :D


I recommend that you get rid of the pixelation or add a graphics settings thing, It's really bugging me!


the title...


what about it?

Please develop this game as an adventure!

I STAND OUT THE MOST but why!?!?

Kinda like SLIME RANCHER exept ITS FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I tried with both controller and keyboard but I wasn't able to move. Only look around. Looks like a great  game from just moving my head around though

Please try the new build! :)

Deleted 2 years ago

Please try the new build! :)

The linux build does not work for me.  Did you target x86 only?  You likely need to build x86_64.  Here is my error log:

I have added the 64bit build to the Linux archive, tell me if that works for you.

I can run the game now, but movement controls don't work.  I tried both a keyboard and a joystick.  Do you have a linux machine available to test your builds on?  If not, I would advise taking your Linux build down until you do.  I would really like to play this game, but unfortunately I can't. :(

Hey! Played a bit of this on my channel, it's real adorable.

Thanks, looks like you had a good time!

i can't see any thing

Try updating your gpu driver and DirectX installation

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